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Bail Agent Telephone Etiquette Protocol For Your Bail Bonds Agency

By Bail Finder 5 months ago Bail Bonds

For the Bail Industry the most important tool and element for your business is without a doubt your telephone. It wouldn't matter if you had an office location on every single corner in every city, th...

When do you actually get all your bail bonds money back?

By Bail Finder 6 months ago Bail Bonds

Yearly there are over 10 million arrests in the United States. There’s good odds that at some point, you, a family member or friend may need some legal help. Depending on the severity of the crime, a...

Your all-in-one Digital Bail Bonds Business Card by Bailby

By Bail Finder 7 months ago Bail Bonds

Breaking through the over saturated bail bonds niche is a costly adventure, and one for anyone who owns a bail bonds company must take. Besides directories like Bail Bonds Finder there are not many wa...

How Does Bail Work?

By Bail Finder 10 months ago Bail Bonds

If you are arrested for a serious crime, the authorities will not release you from custody unless they are confident that you will show up in court for all required hearings and trial. If you can show...

How do I choose a Bail Agent?

By Bail Finder 10 months ago Bail Bonds

Aside from choosing an attorney, deciding which bail bondsperson to use is one of the most important decisions a criminal defendant can make. The level of service provided by various bail bondsperson...

Most Common California Crimes & their Bail Amounts

By Bail Finder 10 months ago Bail Bonds

Penalties for common crimes in California include bail, an amount set by a magistrate at the time of arrest or an official bail set during an arraignment hearing. California Superior Court Judges post...